Honorary GABC Ambassadors

Our esteemed Honorary GABC Ambassadors are active or former ambassadors who support our mission through their continued involvement with the GABC.

Ambassador Daniel Coats (former U.S. Ambassador to Germany; current United States Senator for Indiana)
Ambassador John B. Emerson (U.S. Ambassador to Germany)
Ambassador Dr. Bernd Fischer (former German Ambassador to Croatia; former Consul General in Los Angeles)
Ambassador Claudia Fritsche (former Liechtenstein Ambassador to the U.S.)
Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger (former German Ambassador to the U.S. and UK; current Chairman of the Munich Security Conference)
Ambassador Martin Jäger (former German Ambassador to Afghanistan)
Ambassador Egon Kochanke (German Ambassador to Tanzania)
Ambassador Friedrich Ludwig Löhr (former German Ambassador to North Korea; former Consul General in Boston)
Ambassador Dr. Jürgen Morhard (former German Ambassador to Sri Lanka; current Consul General in Mumbai)
Ambassador Phil Murphy (former U.S. Ambassador to Germany)