GABC Roundtable Discussion - Annual Transatlantic Dialogue between Germany and the United States

From left: Steve Williams, Ulrich (Uli) Gamerdinger, Laura Lane, MP Peter Beyer with Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble (in front)

Ambassador Marie Gervais-Vidricaire, Chairman Steve Williams, Moderator Laura Lane, Deputy Chief of Mission Kent Logsdon, Wolfgang Duerr and Caroline Cooper

From left: co-hosts MP Peter Beyer, Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble and GABC’s Ulrich (Uli) Gamerdinger

MPJürgen Hardt, German Government Coordinator for Transatlantic Affairs

MP Peer Steinbrück, Former German Federal Minister of Finance

Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, Ulrich Gamerdinger (GABC), Tina Hassel (ARD)

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GABC events facilitate the strengthening of German-American business connections and are a platform for the exchange of innovative ideas.
We host, co-host and support more than 50 events annually, mostly roundtable discussions on various topics, with members of Congress, the German Bundestag, the German and U.S. administrations, diplomats, business and union leaders and representatives of the press.
There are several larger annual anchor events like the Transatlantic Dialogue in Berlin, the "Maifest" Dinner, GABC Leadership Award Presentation, Oktoberfest and Membership Dinner.